27 January 2018: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Exhibits from the Holocaust: A new web series

© 2017 Bundeswehr / Jane Schmidt


According to public opinion polls, 95 per cent of the Germans consider it important that pupils learn something about history. And yet, only 60 per cent of today's pupils know about the extermination camp in Auschwitz. The Museum takes these polls as an occasion to present a series of various exhibits about the Holocaust from its permanent exhibition starting on the International Holocaust Memorial Day and ending in the summer of 2018. The series will be focusing on the year 1943, the events of which will have their 75th anniversary in 2018. On 30 January 2018, we shall start with an exhibit related to one of the main culprits: Hermann Göring. The contents of this series are managed by our World War II curator, Jens Wehner.

Part I: Uniform Coat of Hermann Goering (more informations)