Uniform Coat of Hermann Goering 

On 30 January 1943 Hermann Goering gave an infamous speech, on one hand preparing the Germans for the imminent defeat of the 6th Army in Stalingrad, and on the other hand calling upon them to continue fighting. 

Hermann Goering was one of the most important National Socialists. From 1941 to 1945, he was Hitler's deputy. As Supreme Commander of the German Air Force, he was the highest-ranking Wehrmacht soldier, holding the rank of Reich Marshall. In late July 1941 he had given orders to the high-ranking SS officer Reinhard Heydrich to instigate the "final solution to the Jewish question". Only little later did the Holocaust begin with mass murders of Soviet children, women and men of Jewish faith. Later on, extermination camps were built, with gas chambers such as Auschwitz. 

In early March 1943 Goering said to the Reich Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, that he was aware of the fact that with the Holocaust the German people had burnt all bridges behind it. Goering's motivation for the "Stalingrad speech" was also his personal fear of being brought to justice for his crimes. In 1946 in Nuremberg, he was sentenced to death for the crimes he had committed.


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