Redesign of the permanent exhibition in the “New Armoury” at the Königstein Fortress

For a long time, Königstein Fortress has been used as a location for exhibitions of the Dresden Armoury Collection (Dresdner Zeughaussammlung) and the Saxon Army Museum (Sächsisches Armeemuseum). The East German Army Museum had used the “New Armoury” and the “Old Armoury” at the Königstein Fortress in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains as exhibition spaces since 1965. When Germany was reunified in 1990, the Bundeswehr, i.e. the West German Armed Forces, took over not only the East German Army Museum in Dresden, but also the responsibility to design and organise exhibitions in the Old and the New Armoury at the Königstein Fortress. The New Armoury was closed in 2013 for comprehensive redevelopment and building activities.

Permanent Exhibition to be re-opened

The new permanent exhibition will focus on the term “fortress” as a safe place, tracing back its history from today to the European stone-age and embedding it in the context of social and cultural history. In this process, the classic definition will be deconstructed and complemented with new aspects in order to confront the visitors with somewhat surprising new perspectives on fundamental anthropological and historico-cultural issues.

All guns and cannons that are presented in the new permanent exhibition are listed in the ancient inventory registers of the fortress. Among them are very rare weapons and unique items. The exhibition will also deal with the functioning and ammunitions of major military equipment and explain which functions they fulfilled in tactical and strategic planning.