Special exhibition "60 Years of Bundeswehr"


  • starting 3 November 2015
  • Bundeswehr Museum of Military History, chronological exhibition “1945 to the Present” (1st floor) and in the outside exhibition Areas

On 12 November 1955, the Bundeswehr was founded and the first volunteers took their oaths. To mark its 60th anniversary, the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History has integrated a special exhibition into the permanent exhibition. A visual thread strings 60 "telling exhibits" together to form a travel through time from 1955 to 2015. The objects and documents tell of highs and lows, of people and their stories, of technology and strategies and political decisions, of encounters, of fear, violence and disappointment, but also of friendship, dedication and success.

The exhibition leaves room for personal memories and stories related to the Bundeswehr. But it also offers unusual and less well-known perspectives on the Bundeswehr, which, at the age of 60, has already existed longer than any other German army in history.